Tuesday, 16 June 2009


A list of forums for people and families affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder - To add yours, leave a comment and it shall be done.


  1. I highly recommend the Asperger's discussion board at PsychForums; it is a great forum for people with Asperger's, and is by far the best Asperger's forum I've been to thus-far. There is no flaming nor bullying there:


    I have my own forum 'HikiCulture' which has an Asperger's/PDD board on it, but there aren't many threads in it (yet):


    Add those sites if you wish, and thanks for creating a this blog to spread awareness.

    PS. I subscribed to your blog.

  2. Hey! I’m the author of ImproveYourSocialSkills.com, a resource to help people learn social skills. I have Asperger's myself, so I wrote it to be useful to other folks with Asperger's, and I thought my site might be useful to your visitors. So I wanted to let you know about it so you could check it out and see if you might want to post it to this links page :)